Bonefield1CoverBONEFIELD 1 by ALAN WHITE
A TEN YEAR OLD BOY, A WORLD OF HUNGRY MONSTERS. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Unthinkable creatures, unleashed from the accidental release of a virus, that spreads a horrifying disease around the globe. Those not destroyed become the blood thirsty living dead, forced to pillage the earth to survive. But in a small friendly neighborhood, a ten year old boy is bitten, his community reduced to ashes. Lost in the wastelands overrun by the most foul demons and a ghoulish warlord bent on ruling the new world, the young boy with a taste for living flesh, must search for his family and create a new life for himself.

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An absolutely true and hilarious 7000 word take on adventures on the gurney, under the knife, and in stitches. Alan White explores his adventures at the mercy of strange men with knives and lived to laugh about it, and you will too!
This is a must read for anyone dealing with Prostate Cancer about to undergo a Radical Prostatectomy, Vasectomy, Colonoscopy, Kidney Stones. You'll find the lighter side to medical calamity and a peculiar sense of comfort and insight.
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Here is the continuation of David Del Valle's first collection of offbeat Hollywood adventures, Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood sign, but this time around targeting the films and personalities that influenced a generation of Baby Boomers. From the first televised broadcast of genre classics like Dracula's Daughter on Shock Theater to the resurrection of the long lost first "mad Lab" epic, The Magician, on TCM, Del Valle's unique encounters with the reclusive leading ladies of both films is documented here for the first time in book form. The golden age of drive-in cult classics cinema is also well represented with excursions into cult classics such as Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls, Curtis Harrington's Night Tide and Mario Bava's Black Sunday. Six Reels Under will amuse and enlighten those film fanatics who demand their films to be transgressive and definitely Six Reels Under.

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"LOST HORIZONS is a very enlightening and pleasurable read."
Video Watchdog
losthorizonscoverLOST HORIZONS UNDER THE
David Del Valle, writer, curator, collector, and Hollywood historian, takes you on a first person tour of the man-made Shangri La beneath the Hollywood sign, ultimately descending into the smog-shrouded netherworld of Lost Horizons.
His candid recollections prove to be a celebration of contrasts, as David hangs out with the reigning pop culture icons of the day, Timothy Leary, Christopher Isherwood, Terry Southern, and Kenneth Anger.
David maintained a life-long passion for those artisans that created the Horror genre. He grew up as a monster-watching kid of the 1950s, watching those films unfold on television, and his interactions with genre personalities like Vampira, John Carradine, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele testify to his devotion to their legacy.
The book also delves into his long relationships with Vincent Price and Curtis Harrington during twenty-five years of living in Beverly Hills, as well as unforgettable moments such as introducing Hermione Baddeley to the Avant Garde filmmaker Rainer Fassbinder in a West Hollywood leather bar while Martha Raye searched her purse for poppers.
Ken Russell, one of David's favorite directors, was fond of reminding David "Every day in Tinsle town is Halloween."
Enter the realm of Lost Horizons and discover that you are no longer a tourist. You are now one of the attractions.

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artistbookcoverARTIST & INDUSTRY NOTE
Traveling? An author or artist on location or contractor on the job site?
Want to take notes and sketch details on the spot for quick and easy reference later? This is the book for you and contains 200 pages of bright white, easy to carry working space to handle whatever form your thoughts take!
On the left: a lined page for jotting down the details. On the right: an easily erasable, blank page for your sketch. The 6x9" size gives you plenty of area to work, yet is easy to carry.
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