Skyliner3CoverSKYLINER #3

So it's out already! 69 serendipidous pages of total coolness for the same price as your next breat of air! Imagine that! You may be amazed, you may even chortle - yes YOU!
Click Me and download the thing for FREE, dammit! Don't forget, there are to previous editions craving attention as well.


My Latest Book. A Gothic Western Romance
Wrapped in a framework of historical events Hope Sullivan travels from Chicago seeking a life of romance and adventure in the Wild West and finds herself trapped in a land of desolation, uncertainty and unimaginable horror. There are deadly decisions; right or wrong can get you killed. Who is the man she has been sent to marry, the man who can kill her or the man who can set her free? And how can she escape into a land where there is nowhere to run. Can she acquire the skills, strength, and courage to save herself?

340 pages. Paperpack $14.00 eBook: $1.00



At last, my latest action-packed stomach churner, THE EPIC ZOMBIE NOVEL OF 2017 has slipped its bonds and roams freely through the United States Postal Service!
Civilization hangs in the balance as humans, mutated by chemical warfare return from the dead to devour the living. An American soldier must battle his way around the globe, across the burning wasteland, under the sea, and in the air. This book contains 600 pages, and 90 illustrations! Not for the squeemish!
This is the book that tells you why and how the undead function
Not for the squeamish


A Few of the Smashing illos in this book! (Note: In paperback illos are Black and White.




on John Purcell's

. .Haven't done zine-art for quite a while. I don't volunteer and no one asks.
. .Don't remember the circumstances I heard from John, but it was fun getting to do whatever the hell I wanted on something again.
. .It's an opportunity to experiment and go in other directions than what passes for zine covers these days (if efanzines is any indication). In fact, it looks like cover art (as we know it) is favoring fillos and poorly placed photos.
. .I'm finding less and less time for zine art and all things dispensing either too little egoboo and/or no pay. Sounds a little douchey, I know. But getting older and feeling the bone-numbing breath of Prince Sirki down my neck, takes my attention from fulfilling the dream of others and working on my own. By the way, this issue is available free HERE.

OrpheumLargeCover1ORPHEUM #8 Hot off the Press and into Your Eyeholes!
   This 33 pager is packed with pics telling the mind-altering tale of "A Newbie's Adventure at Burning Man", followed by the bitter sweet "Saying Goodbye to Pyro Joe". Add "These old Fanzines" and a spectacular if singular letter column.
Some can't handle this much excitement!
It can be found at efanzines
This is our last issue by the by. Now is the time to shitcan Faandom and get along with other, more interesting things. I ain't gettin' any younger and Faandom just makes me feel a dash older and a jigger more disappointed than I am already.